Weather Guarantee

The Parties understand weather can alter or affect the Event. The following terms are defined to further understating between the Parties.  “Complete Cancelations” are described as events that are canceled with no rebookings made.  “Rebookings” are described as event dates that have been moved to a new available date within the same calendar year as the original booking. “Inclement rebookings” are events that have been shifted due to inclement weather to another available date within the same calendar year as the original booking.

Customer understands that the Company must be notified of any Complete Cancelations seven (7) days prior to the original set date of the event, listed in the Agreement. Under sole discretion of the Company, Customer understands and agrees that proper conduct of this procedure will result in a complete return of the deposit and any advanced payment made.

Customer understands that failing to uphold this procedure may result in a withholding of the Deposit in partial or in full. In this case any Advance Payment received will still remain refundable to the Customer.

Customer understands they are allotted one (1) rebooking per calendar year without occurring any extra fees.

Customer understands that upon exceeding this limit they may be charged an extra fee of $200 per rebooking due before the rebooked events date.

Customer understands the Inclement rebooking period starts 48 hours prior the events set date. In the case where an Inclement rebooking is necessary. No charges will be applied if Company has not begun travel to Customer’s venue. If the weather looks threatening (imminent rain, rain, looming thunder clouds, dangerous winds capable of damaging equipment) the Company reserves the right to protect its own equipment by canceling setup/production. The Company reserves the right to delay setup or pause the production until suitable weather conditions exist. In the case where no rebookings have been completed and the call to cancel the event has been made.

Customer understands the Deposit in its entirety may be withheld as a Cancellation fee. Customer may choose to rebook the event with a $500 Weather Related Rebooking Fee, which will be charged to cover employee time, fuel and equipment. This fee must be paid seven full days before the next events date,