Inflatable Party Rentals for Any Celebration

Looking for your favorite inflatable party rentals? Twilight Zone has every inflatable thing you need to elevate the level of fun at your next party or get-together.

With an inflatable bounce castle, Jacob’s Ladder, obstacle course, or bungee basketball from Twilight Zone, we’ll help you transform any celebration into an unforgettable adventure. These colorful and whimsical activities are guaranteed to keep guests entertained for hours on end.

In addition, inflatables provide a space for kids to be kids. With a bounce castle or obstacle course in your yard, there’s no need for even a minute of screen time. Instead, kids are staying active while burning extra energy, having fun, and developing social skills.

Bounce Castle

This activity turns the traditional bounce house into inflatable royalty. The bounce castle is a classic, simple, and favorite addition for every type of event.

Dimensions: Our inflatable bounce castle measures 15 feet wide by 15 feet long by 14 feet high.
Cost to rent: $225


Jacob’s Ladder

Test your balance and challenge your friends with Twilight Zone’s inflatable Jacob’s Ladder. See who can climb up the farthest on this difficult yet exciting activity. The higher you climb, the more unstable the ladder seems to become, leaving you at the mercy of the inflatable mattress below.

Dimensions: Our inflatable Jacob’s Ladder measures 10 feet wide by 16 feet long by 8 feet high.
Cost to rent: $200


Bungee Basketball

Hooping it up has never been so much fun! Players are attached together with a bungee cord and compete by pulling against one another to dunk the ball. The first slam dunk secures the win!

Dimensions: Our inflatable bungee basketball measures 9 feet wide by 34 feet long by 9 feet high.
Cost to rent: $50


Mega Obstacle Course

Who’s ready for the ultimate challenge? This mega obstacle course tests your speed, agility, and balance. Go head-to-head with your friends to see who is the quickest as you dodge, dive, climb, and slide your way to victory.

Dimensions: Our mega obstacle course measures 12 feet wide by 45 feet long by 16 feet high.
Cost to rent: $480



Need power? Twilight Zone has your back. Rent our Honda EB6500 generator to ensure uninterrupted fun at your event. Our generators provide the necessary power to keep your inflatable up and running smoothly throughout the day.

Cost to rent: $110


Concession Rentals

Add even more fun to your event or celebration with playful concessions made onsite. Make your party one to remember with freshly popped popcorn and cool, flavorful snow cones. Twilight Zone offers convenient rental options for popcorn machines and snow cone machines.

Popcorn Machines

The smell of fresh popcorn is both nostalgic and inviting. And carnival-type snacks like popcorn are the perfect complement to our colorful inflatables. Depending on the size of your event, Twilight Zone offers two sizes of popcorn machines for rent.

Popcorn machine rentals start at $125 for the smaller size and $290 for the larger size. Popcorn supplies are sold separately.


Snow Cone Machines 

Nothing beats a cool treat on a hot day, especially after bouncing around in our inflatables! Rent one of our Sno-Kone® machines and serve made-to-order snow cones at your party or event.

Snow cone machine rentals from Twilight Zone start and $125, with snow cone kits and flavor syrups sold separately.