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Our innovative SlimLine™ inflatable projection screens feature airtight heat-welded frames made from rugged PVC, which yields more than 3 times the strength of typical sewn screens. Because the frames are completely airtight there is no need for a noisy, constant air blower. These state of the art screens can be used anywhere, inside or outside and are compact, with a sleek modular look. They can even float safely in a pool!

The Epic roto gig rig ShowCase AV consoles are shipped with components pre-wired, connected, and labeled. Everything is set up and ready to go for an event in a few minutes. No AV experience is needed, as the consoles are truly “plug and play”. Every necessary item required is included, with suitable carry bags or cases. When the event is over, your clients simply roll the system into a closet on the provided cart, and it will always be ready for the next event in minutes...nothing misplaced or lost.

Our standard machine washable, wrinkle-free Quik-Zip™ projection surfaces are dual projection (front or rear). We will also offer professional front and rear vinyl surfaces, currently we have front 3D silver soft, high wind mesh, front only vinyl, rear only vinyl, dual projection vinyl and even more screen options available.

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